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   "Going through a divorce is far from a pleasant experience but working with Karen made it much more bearable.  She was extremely responsive to any questions I had and always quick to get back to me.  She found a great middle ground between respecting my opinions and wanting to do what she felt was in my best interest.  When my divorce was complete, I felt completely confident in contacting her for other legal matters."   - Liz



  "Karen worked tirelessly to help me navigate through a difficult divorce.  Her responses were immediate, and she gave me excellent advice.  I cannot recommend her highly enough."

               - Amanda



     "I was very pleased with the professionalism and willingness to resolve the issues quickly. Most of all she always got back to me right away and always kept me up to date.  Mine was very complicated with a number of different issues involved, but Karen was always focused on an expedient and lowest cost resolution with solutions to these complicated problems.  I recommend her highly." 

               - Todd



     "Karen is not only very professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable, but always treated me with compassion and understanding.  Karen successfully guided me through my divorce and I would strongly recommend her expert services. She made it possible for me to become the happy, independent woman I never thought I could be after a 30 year marriage."

               - Angela